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Photo Gallery

CCSR Photo Album CCSR Photo Album Team Logo 122925888 Meet Our Team! Taken at General Butler State Park 122925844 Spring Testing 2010 Taken by Air Methods Medical Helicopter at the General Butler State Park Overlook 122925559 CCSR Team Trailer 122925757 Anderson County Assisting Anderson County Emergency Management and Fire Department with search for drowning subject in May 2011. 130767148 Callie 130767249 07-02-2011 130767250 07-02-2011 The three amegos. 130767251 Group Photo 07-02-2011 130767694 131124043 131124044 131194160 MMm mmm Good It was excellent with all the trimmings. Near Nashville, TN. Fund raising pig roast May, 2011. 139584535