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Photo Gallery

Training 09-24-11 Training 09-24-11 Briefing 139582343 139583061 Shoving off. Boating skills were learned. 139582344 Working Dogs Two dogs can't work on a boat together. REALLY? 139582345 Celia 139582940 Signing In 139582942 Grand Paws Crew 139582943 Lannis in the Moment 139583059 OC SAR Crew 139583416 Waiting Always lots of standing around and waiting in practice and in searches. 139583417 Working 139583418 Two Dogs Working Dharma and Gretchen working in the scent. 139583419 Working 139583420 Dharma 139583765 Gretchen and the Other Crew 139583815 Picking Up Scent Gretchen wrapping her nose around a whisp of scent on the branch from the under water "victim." 139583816 Working the area 139583766