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Photo Gallery

Training Photos Training Photos Jason and DeNA 143720447 DeNA imprinting on cadaver 143720448 Foxxie lookin' thing. 143720918 newbie and pup 143720917 ANTICI---- ---PAtion! 143720949 ziiinngggg! 143721154 Sadie Working Jackie, Lannis and Brooklyn working Sadie on a cadaver problem 143863815 Running 143863816 In and Out of the Scent Cone Gretchen turning back into the scent cone. 143864056 Tasting the Wind Pausing to taste the wind in the scent cone. 143864164 Honing in Picking up scent in the vegetation near the source 143864863 On the source Nose above the source container. 143864864 Socialization 143864974 Get it AWAY! Socializing the pups. or. Pups terrorizing the adults. 143864975 Glad people shake hands upon greeting. 143864976 Dena's first time on the boat guessing Lannis may have been expecting rain? 156842969 Dena's first time on the boat See? Lookit me. Lookit me! 156843278 Sabin's first time on the boat. Nope, not too sure about this... 156842970 Sabin's First Time on the Boat Still not too sure... 156843279 Yep, got my rock. Water. Rock. Life is good for Roxy. 156843453 Epic FAIL for tracking/trailing dogs 156843454 Side Scan Training Carl, Celia, Kim examining the screen. 157679558 Side Scan Training Lannis, Marlin and Gladis. 157679559 Side Scan Training Carl, Nikki and Sam 157679560 Lannis Getting Jiggy with the 'victim' 157679561 We get to go on a boat ride! YAAAY!! 157679562 Training at Salato, 9-8-12 165780909