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Dharma and Celia Wright

Name: Celia Wright

K-9 Partner: Dharma. Chesapeake Bay Retriver.

Members with Commonwealth Canine Search and Recovery since 2008

Career Work: Registered Nurse/Nurse Manager/EMT

SAR Training: Human Remains Detection and Recovery (HRD ROK); Owen County Search and Rescue Squad; BSAR; Mantracking; NIMS; Lost Person Behavior

Health Care Training: RN – Emergency/ Acute Care; Utilization Review/Case Management/Discharge Planning/Nursing Administration; LNC; Infection Control Officer Owen Co. EMS; ACLS/PALS/Healthcare provider CPR.

Narrative: I adopted Dharma when she was 2 years old. We soon joined CCSR and HRD ROK. Dharma is proof that you can teach an older dog new tricks. Her fearlessness, intelligence and desire to “work” has made her an ideal K-9 partner. Dharma and I truly enjoy our volunteer work with CCSR. One of our goals is to always continue learning and gaining experience so we may assist our fellow teammates in helping those who seek our services.