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Help Support Our Team

Commonwealth Canine Search &Recovery Inc

At the June 12, 2012 regular monthly meeting of the Lexington Kennel Club; Linda Gorton Vice-Mayor of Lexington presented the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery grant award of $2000 to the Commonwealth Canine Search and Recovery Squad. AKC Companion Animal Recovery is very proud to be able to support deserving recipients with over $258,000 in grants. The grant funds will be used to purchase GPS tracking dog collars and canine cooling vest. The tracking collars will allow our team to verify the exact amount of assigned search area the canine and handler were able to clear while searching for lost or missing persons. The canine cooling vest will help keep our canines from overheating while working in very hot weather.

To find out more about the AKC CAR please click on the links below:

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Janet Wright

Commonwealth Canine Search and Recovery is a 501(c)(3) organization

and receives tax-deductable donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations.

We are composed entirely of volunteers who give of time, knowledge, and skills without compensation so that others may live.

All funds received are used to support our mission.

Commonwealth Canine Search and Recovery

P. O. Box 344

Owenton, KY. 40359-9998